Popular Streamer Gets C&D’d by Nintendo

Credit: digitalprincxss

Pokeprincxss has been forced to change her branding.

If there is one concrete rule in the gaming industry, it is this: never infringe on Nintendo’s copyrights. Nintendo has been infamous for a long time for siccing their lawyers on anyone who appropriates their properties, including users of emulation, fan games, and utilizing copyrighted characters and imagery. I still remember Pokémon Uranium, Nintendo. You can’t make me forget. Speaking of Pokémon, though, one streamer learned the hard way what happens when you try to use Nintendo’s stuff as part of your branding.

Popular Twitch and TikTok streamer Pokeprincxss received a cease and desist from Nintendo after basing her username and brand imagery around the Pokémon franchise. In addition to the obvious usage of “Poké” in her username, she has also been selling merchandise like t-shirts featuring images like Poké Balls and the Pokémon Mew. Nintendo was not into that, filing a lawsuit against the streamer and requiring her to change her username, as well as surrender any profits made from selling the merchandise.

Credit: NintendoLife

In an interview with GameRant, Pokeprincxss explained that she didn’t think using the name or imagery would be a legal problem when she first established her presence. “I was young and dumb and I was just going full force with it because I didn’t know what I was doing was wrong,” she said.

Since the C&D was resolved, Pokeprincxss has officially changed her username to “digitalprincxss.” Some of her fans were upset with Nintendo for suing her, but she urged them on her Twitter not to start any fights.

“Reminder to please be kind to Nintendo and not harass them. I am on Nintendo’s side and even though I showed emotion about the name change I still respect and understand why did had to. I love Nintendo and so should you,” her post said.

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