US Senate Successfully Passes Infrastructure Bill

Credit: Unsplash

The ambitious bill is now on its way to the house.

After multiple delays and a lengthy voting process, the United States Senate successfully passed President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill on Tuesday. The bill, which is valued at approximately $1 trillion, will allocated money to roads, bridges, pipes, ports, internet connections and more. The bill was passed with a bipartisan vote of 69-30, and represents one of the largest infrastructure investments in the history of the United States.

“America’s often had the greatest prosperity and made the most progress when we invest in America itself,” Biden said Tuesday after the bill passed, adding that the plan would also lead to the creation of new jobs. “And that’s what this infrastructure bill does, with overwhelming support from the United States Senate.”

“It will improve the lives of all Americans,” Ohio Senator Rob Portman said in a floor speech prior to the vote. “People do expect here in America, [with] this great economy we have, we should also be able to lead the world in infrastructure. But we don’t.”

With the bill’s passage in the Senate, it now must be passed by the House. If it can make it through the House, it will be sent to Biden’s desk for him to sign. Some Democratic House representatives have expressed concerns that bill doesn’t completely cover all of the country’s infrastructure needs, while some Republican representatives remain staunchly opposed to the bill overall, believing it to be a waste of federal funds that would put unnecessary strain on taxpayers. It’s likely that these concerns will cause further stalling, so there isn’t currently an estimate on when the bill could potentially make it through the house and be put into action.

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