Congress Finally Strikes Deal on Stimulus Package

Credit: Unsplash

US citizens will receive a second stimulus check, albeit a smaller one.

For months now, the United States Congress has been deadlocked over a new stimulus package. Numerous disagreements have occurred, primarily between Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in where a potential bill’s finances should be focused.

As this stalemate has rolled on, the genuine threat to the people of the US has become progressively more real, with the expanded unemployment benefits provided by the first stimulus package set to expire at the end of the year and the original stimulus checks long since spent. If a deal wasn’t agreed upon this past weekend, the government would’ve been shut down, which likely would’ve complicated unemployment processes, among other things, even further. Thankfully, after much deliberation, a deal has finally been reached.

Congress announced last night that a compromise had finally been reached on a new stimulus package of approximately $900 billion. The House and Senate will review and debate the bill today, and if no further concerns are cited, it will be sent to the President to sign.

In broad terms, this new package will continue the benefits offered by the first package, albeit on a smaller scale. Increased unemployment benefits will continue into the new year, though with only a $300 boost instead of the previous $600. All US citizens will be receiving a second stimulus check in the next week or so for $600, half the value of the previous check, though those with dependents can receive additional $600 payments. Also, eviction moratoriums will be extended indefinitely to aid those who rent living spaces.

While it is definitely good that a deal has finally been reached, the drastic reduction of financial aid has not gone unnoticed by the populace. The hashtag “#600isnotaStimuluscheck” was trending this morning on Twitter, with users citing the higher monthly payments offered by other countries and likening the smaller amount to Marie Antoinette’s infamous “let them eat cake.” Many US citizens on unemployment benefits may see those benefits lapse in spite of the bill due to glitchy, outdated unemployment management systems utilized by multiple states.

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