Zoo Miami Named Florida’s First Certified Autism Center Zoo

Credit: Miami New Times

Congratulations to Zoo Miami for being given the title!

There has been an increase in awareness about autism lately. More people are aiming to understand the disorder, so as a result, more and more attractions are attempting to improve how they accommodate those with sensory needs.

Zoo Miami partnered up with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards. The zoo’s staff went through special autism awareness training, and an audit was performed to see whether the zoo can be more welcoming to those with autism.

As a result, Zoo Miami has been named the first zoo in the state of Florida to be a Certified Autism Center.

Zoo Miami director, Carol Kruse, said in a statement that the zoo “aims to provide each guest with an enjoyable visit.”

To better serve guests on the autism spectrum, sensory bags with noise-canceling headphones and stress/fidget toys will be made available. Sensory Guides will also help with identifying quiet areas and possible triggers around the zoo.

Earlier this year, Sesame Place became the first theme park in the world to be a Certified Autism Center. Legoland Florida also began offering similar sensory accommodations this year.

Disney on the other hand, has faced about 30 lawsuits from people contending that their parks did not accommodate their disabilities.

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