New ‘Ratatouille’ Ride Coming to Epcot

Credit: Disney Parks

Ever wanted to see what the world looks like from a rat’s point of view?

One of Disney’s most-beloved movies – no, not a princess one – is getting its own ride! Ratatouille, the beloved Disney film about a rat that has a passion for cooking, is finally getting the respect it truly deserves with a brand-new themed ride.

Although there is already a Ratatouille ride in Disneyland Paris, the announcement marks the first time Chef Remy the rat will get his own ride here in the United States.

Disney made this announcement this week and revealed that the ride will open in Epcot in the summer of 2020.

Called “Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure,” the new attraction will be located in the park’s French pavilion and invites guests to “shrink down to the scale of a rat for a culinary adventure with Chef Remy.” Riders will scurry around on Gusteau’s kitchen floor aboard special trackless ride vehicles that are shaped like rats.

Limited details on the ride have been provided, and it is unclear whether the ride will differ from Disneyland Paris’s.

So if you have been planning on taking a trip to Epcot anytime soon, then why not plan one for summer of next year? The new and cute ride is sure to be an exciting one!

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