A Miami Cuban Restaurant is Serving a Meatless Frita

Credit: Miami Herald

Did your Cuban family and friends just start shouting at you in disbelief?

Veganism is taking the United States by storm, so much so that even the Cubans of the nation are hopping on the trend. Many might cringe at this thought since Cuban cooking is known for its delicious meat dishes. But zooming in on Miami, one famous Cuban restaurant, Sergio’s, is taking a new spin on the classic Cuban frita.

The famous and delicious Cuban hamburger is going vegan. The dish, which often boasts a mild spice and messy spill of beef and chorizo is trading in the meat for a plant-based patty.

The meatless patty is made by Beyond Meat and has 17 grams of plant-based protein minus the soy, gluten or GMOs, according to Sergio’s. An order comes with two mini frita sliders, each of which are served with onions, crispy fried potato strings and ketchup, topped with a “vegan bun.”

The new dish is part of Sergio’s new menu that focuses on healthier and more diet-friendly alternatives to classic Cuban dishes.

Despite some backlash, Sergio’s remains firm on keeping the menu item, saying that they are not “afraid to change the status quo” because they still remain authentic to their Cuban roots. The move also comes after the restaurant noticed that many customers are becoming vegetarian and vegan.

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