Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Selfie Draws Chilly Reception

Credit: Unsplash

The mildly unsettling picture has sparked a wave of memes.

Since the concept was first announced by Meta, then Facebook, a few years ago, Mark Zuckerberg’s so-called “Metaverse” has primarily been a subject of memeing, confusion, and general disinterest. In spite of the fact that the concept seems to generate negative buzz, Zuckerberg has pushed his Metaverse developments with zeal in recent months, as well as continuing to funnel money into the project despite no clear date of returns.

This week, Zuckerberg released his latest attempt to hype up the Metaverse: a selfie of his virtual Horizon Worlds avatar in front of a scaled-down Eiffel Tower. “We’re launching Horizon Worlds in France and Spain today!” he wrote on his Facebook profile. “Looking forward to seeing people explore and build immersive worlds, and to bringing this to more countries soon.”

Unfortunately, as has proven to be a trend for Metaverse developments, the selfie hasn’t done much for people’s interest in the concept. Twitter users have been cracking jokes at Zuckerberg’s expense, noting that the selfie looks worse than some video games that came out in the early 2000s.

“Even within the VR space, Meta’s $10 billion investment seems like it’s producing worse results than something like VR chat or the booming V-Tuber space on Twitch and YouTube,” writes Forbes contributor Paul Tassi.

“There needs to be a German word that’s like schadenfraude, but specifically for how wonderful it is to see the company that helped break democracy pour $10 billion down the drain to create this hilarious 2022 lovechild of The Sims and Nintendo Wii,” tweeted UCL professor Brian Klaas.

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