90 Day’s Big Ed and Liz: From Broken Engagement to New Beginnings

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A Heartwarming Twist of Love and Second Chances in 90 Day Fiancé’s Latest Journey

Ed “Big Ed” Brown and Elizabeth “Liz” Woods, known for their appearances on the popular reality show “90 Day Fiancé,” are back together and have taken a significant step in their relationship. The couple recently purchased a house together, indicating they are ready to start a new chapter in their lives.

According to a friend who attended their housewarming event, Ed and Liz celebrated a birthday party at their new home. Ed reshared the friend’s Instagram story, which showed the couple front and center, surrounded by family members holding a cake.

This joyful news comes after a rollercoaster of a journey for the couple on various “90 Day” series aired on TLC. Viewers witnessed Ed and Liz going through multiple breakups, with their engagement being called off on camera, not once, but eleven times. Despite Liz’s firm stance on not returning to her on-again, off-again ex, love seems to have found a way back into their lives.

In recent Instagram posts, Liz can be seen proudly wearing the $13,000 diamond ring that Ed bought for her, indicating that their engagement is back on track. Interestingly, this reconciliation occurred off-camera, leaving fans with a sense of surprise and intrigue about the couple’s journey.

Excitement is building among fans of the franchise, as Ed and Liz have been confirmed as one of the five couples participating in the upcoming spinoff, “90 Day: The Last Resort.” The new series allows these couples to work on their deepest problems and challenges while off the camera, giving them a chance to move forward together or make a final decision about their relationship.

As viewers eagerly await the spinoff, it remains to be seen how Ed and Liz’s relationship will evolve and whether they can overcome their past issues to build a stronger and more stable bond. The purchase of their new home signifies a significant commitment, and fans are hopeful that Ed and Liz will find their happily ever after this time.


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