Ariana Grande’s Recent Love Affair After Divorce

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Ariana Grande’s New Love: Meet Ethan Slater, Her ‘Wicked’ Co-Star!

The popular singer and actress Ariana Grande recently made headlines after announcing her separation from her husband Dalton Gomez, with whom she was planning to divorce. However, it seems that Ariana is wasting no time in moving on, as reports have emerged of her being involved with a new man. The lucky guy is Ethan Slater, a 32-year-old actor whom she knows from work.

Interestingly, Ethan Slater wasn’t a well-known name before news of his relationship with Ariana Grande surfaced, which is not uncommon, even for celebrities. So, who exactly is Ethan Slater, and when did he and Ariana start seeing each other? Here’s what we know about the man who might just become the next Mr. Ariana Grande.

Ethan Slater is Ariana’s co-star in the musical “Wicked,” in which he plays the role of Boq, a university friend of Elphaba (portrayed by Cynthia Erivo) and Glinda (played by Grande herself), and the love interest of Nessarose (Marissa Bode). The production’s Part 1 is scheduled to debut in November 2024, and filming commenced on Valentine’s Day in the U.K.

As for Ariana Grande’s previous relationship, she and Dalton Gomez publicly announced their separation in January, putting an end to their two-year marriage that began in May 2021. This means that by the time filming for “Wicked” started, Ariana was technically free to date.

Ethan Slater had been in a relationship with singer Lilly Jay since their high school days in 2012. They moved to New York from Maryland in 2014, married in 2018, and welcomed a baby boy last year. Their relationship continued until recently, as evidenced by Slater’s anniversary Instagram post in November, where he expressed his love for Lilly Jay.

However, as fate would have it, both Ariana and Ethan found themselves single and ready to mingle. According to a source, they didn’t start dating until after both had broken up with their respective partners. Their relationship is relatively new, and rumors began swirling when a photo of them together, with Slater’s arm around Grande, surfaced from a “Wicked” cast celebration in March.

As Ariana Grande continues to make headlines with her personal life, fans and onlookers are undoubtedly curious about her budding romance with Ethan Slater. Only time will tell where this love affair will lead for the talented star.

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