90 Day Fiancé Update: Analí Shocked at Clayton’s Home and His Mom’s ‘Bedroom’

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Trouble in Paradise?

TLC’s hit series “90 Day,” audiences were treated to the highly anticipated moment when Analí, the Peruvian enchantress, stepped into the world of Clayton’s one-bedroom apartment in Lexington, Kentucky. The episode delivered an unforgettable house tour that had viewers on the edge of their seats.

Entering the cozy home with a bouquet of flowers in hand, Analí was warmly greeted by not only Clayton but also by his dogs, Buster and Cocoa. The heartwarming encounter took an unexpected turn when Clayton’s mother, Violet, extended a sweet Spanish welcome, proclaiming, “You’re more beautiful in person.”

In a confessional interview, Violet expressed her joy, noting Clayton’s unmistakable happiness and a look on his face that she hadn’t witnessed before. The episode unfolded as Clayton offered to guide Analí through their home, setting the stage for an eye-opening experience that proved to be nothing short of sensational.


The tour took a delightful detour when Clayton introduced Analí to his beloved tri-color guinea pig named Baby Pig. The eclectic mix of animals became the focal point of Analí’s bewilderment, providing viewers with a truly entertaining episode.

In her own confessional, Analí candidly shared her initial impressions, stating, “The first thing I noticed in this apartment is that there are things everywhere, and it’s really overwhelming.” She added, “There’s no couch to sit on, and there’s no table either. So where do they eat?”

Viewers were on a rollercoaster of emotions as “90 Day” unveiled the highs and lows of Analí’s visit to Clayton’s unconventional dwelling. The episode answered whether love conquered all or if the peculiarities of Clayton’s animal-filled home posed a challenge to their budding relationship.

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