95% of Federal Workers in Compliance with Vaccine Mandate

Credit: Unsplash

The vaccine mandate officially goes into effect at the end of the day.

According to senior officials of the Biden Administration, approximately 95% of the entire federal workforce of the United State government are in compliance with the COVID-19 vaccination mandate put forth by President Joe Biden. To be more specific, around 90% of the workforce have received at least one shot of an approved COVID-19 vaccine (and have been verified as such), while 5% have put forth applications for exemptions from the vaccination mandate that are either currently pending or have already been approved.

“By the deadline for the vaccination requirement, the Biden administration will have already achieved 95% compliance across the Federal government, meaning employees with at least their first vaccination dose or those with a pending or approved exception or (extension request),” an official said. “More than 90% of those employees will have had at least one shot, with the vast majority of those employees being fully vaccinated.”

These figures have, according to internal sources that spoke to CNN, exceeded the initial expectations of the administration. The majority of the 90% of those who have been vaccinated are confirmed to be fully vaccinated with two shots, while those seeking exemption are expected to submit more applications before the end of the day.

Speaking of the end of the day, the vaccine mandate will officially go into effect at the end of the day today. For those who have not been vaccinated and not filed a proper exemption, federal departments will be conducting an “education and counseling process” on the importance of vaccination, with further measures to be determined as necessary.

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