A New BioShock Game has Been Confirmed to be In Development

Credit: 2K Games

Prep your Plasmids and rev up those Skyhooks.

It has been announced that 2K Games has formed a new studio, Cloud Chamber, which will take the lead on a new title in the BioShock series. Headed by 2K veteran Kelley Gilmore, who previously worked on Civilization and XCOM, the upcoming BioShock game will bring back veterans Hoagy de le Plante, Scott Sinclair and Jonathan Pelling. However, the original creator, Ken Levine, will most likely not be part of the project as he has gone on to work on a new title at Ghost Story Games.

One thing BioShock is known for is its unique environments, from the underwater city of Rapture to the airborne city of Columbia. So, with the fourth title, Gilmore hinted that there could possibly be a new setting included in the saga. 2K’s announcement did reveal that the title will be in development for “the next several years,” so it’s not likely that we will see anything or be able to play anything anytime soon.

The BioShock games have been immensely popular, not just for their unique concepts and topics— genetic modification, racism, quantum physics, sci-fi inspired worlds— but for their actual gameplay. The original BioShock trilogy sold more than 33 million units, according to market research firm IHS Markit.

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