‘Overwatch 2’ Running Crossover Promo with ‘One Punch Man’

Credit: Unsplash

Overwatch is taking a page out of Fortnite’s playbook.

As online games have become more prominent in the public consciousness, game developers have found it easier to establish rapports with other facets of the entertainment industry. This has led to various online games featuring crossover promotions with various popular shows, movies, and other games, with the most prominent example being Fortnite’s various crossovers.

This week, alongside the announcement of its next season, Activision Blizzard announced that their online game Overwatch 2 will be offering a similar crossover promotion in the near future. From March 7 to April 6, players will be able to unlock an outfit for the character Doomfist based on the famous manga and anime series One Punch Man. The outfit places Doomfist in an outfit reminiscent of One Punch Man’s protagonist, Saitama, complete with red gloves, yellow suit, and white cape.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Overwatch 2’s commercial lead and VP, Jon Spector, spoke about the potential of future crossover skins. “This is an opportunity for us to learn and understand ‘How much do players love this?'” Spector said. “We’re not imminently planning a second one. Like, there’s not another Season 4 major collab coming up, for example. But we do have a bunch of different ongoing conversations for us, things we’re excited about potentially bringing to life. And so, at least my own perspective is, I think we need to wait and see a little bit of how this first one goes.

“And I don’t wanna say that we know what the right answer is yet. I don’t think we do. I think we’re going to experiment with different things, see what works and sticks. But I love what we’ve been able to do here, and personally, I’d really be excited about being able to do more of this and to do it relatively frequently. But, you know, never to the point where every week you’re booting up Overwatch 2 and there’s a new set of characters that’s come in. I think there’s very clearly some point at which you’ve gone too far there.”

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