Alex Rodriguez Made J. Lo’s Heart Gush By Twinning With Her Son

(Photo Source: Instagram @jlo)

J. Rod is winning step-dad of the year

Celebrity marriage and celebrity relationships, in general, are hard on all parties involved. The relationship is always in the spotlight and many, are often doomed from the start due to the constant pressures and strain of paparazzi and the spotlight. But this couple has been able to take the hardships and turn it into something that is pretty damn great.

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to the spotlight and the press from the media and the paparazzi. With the divorce of her ex-husband Marc Anthony, to her budding romance with the former Yankees third baseman and now fiance Alex Rodriguez, J. Lo is all about making it work in Hollywood. And her family is no exception.

A recent picture posted to J. Lo’s Instagram shows Alex Rodriguez and her son Maximilian wearing matching pajamas with the caption “#twinning.” To J. Lo, the picture confirms her monumental success as a parent. J. Lo and Marc Anthony do co-parent and try to make sure that each one is present and maintains a closeness in the lives of the children.

The picture shows that Alex Rodriguez is fitting into their blended family and that happiness can survive the glitz and glam of the spotlight.

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