Unpacking Drake And Chris Brown’s ‘No Guidance’

(Photo Credit: YouTube/Vevo)

Chris Brown unveils his latest collaboration with Drake

A match made in musical heaven. After years of ongoing drama and twitter-feuds between the two, R&B legends Drake and Chris Brown have seemingly, finally, put their differences aside to collaborate on a new music video for their single No Guidance.  

The history of their rocky friendship-turned-enemies-turned-friends-again centers mainly around their shared love interest over the incomparable Rihanna, ongoing alleged fights in various clubs over the last decade, and intertwined roles in other artists’ beef in the rap world. Their most recent music video seems to pay tribute, or perhaps poke fun, at rumors of a New York club brawl that took place years ago. Many facets of their lyrical jabs over the years are referenced as well and in the end the two hug, symbolic for the end of their brawl.  

There is hypocrisy in the duo, though, through their shared relationship with Rihanna. In 2009, Brown aggressively beat then-girlfriend, and though he has since denounced and apologized for the aggression, it is impossible to ignore the incident.

Drake, known for his soft and suave emotionally-triggered lyrics, has long been in Rihanna’s circle, teetering from friend to boyfriend multiple times in a complicated yet charismatic way. He has come to her defense and admiration time and time again, so the collaboration with her abuser seems to be in ignorance of the two’s massive physical blow out.  

Whether the three have come together to resolve their pasts or the duo has set aside their own problems to focus on music going forward, the collaboration definitely comes as a surprise for those who have followed the decade-long drama.  

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