Rapper Used As Political Bargaining Chip, Ongoing A$AP Rocky Arrest

(Photo Source: news.sky.com)

“Bring A$AP home ASAP”

Following assault charges in Stockholm, Sweden, rapper A$AP Rocky’s arrest has not only been hot pop culture news but political as well. Where it was less of a surprise to see a fellow icon, Kanye West come to Rocky’s support on social media, President Donald Trump was also an active voice in the efforts to bring A$AP home, ASAP.  

On Friday, the rapper was released from Swedish authorities premature to reaching a verdict set for later this month. The incident, according to NBC News, took place on June 30th where A$AP Rocky and two others, in an alleged act of self-defense, hit and kicked Mustafa Jafari.

It is now being argued that the level of violence against Jafari was excessive to be considered self-defense and has resulted in Rakim Mayers (Rocky’s real name) being held since July 3rd.  The release came soon after potential government interference. Letters have resurfaced from the United States Embassy and Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs’ Robert O’Brien, threatening “potential negative consequences to the U.S.-Swedish bilateral relationship” if the three were not released immediately.

This follows an ongoing social media presence from Trump regarding the issue, including his offer to “personally vouch for his bail”. The Prosecutor-General of Sweden responded explaining the office’s inability to interfere with the judicial system.  

The verdict is set to arrive August 14th.  

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