Taylor Swift Reunites with Taylor Lautner in ‘I Can See You’ Music Video

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Surprise collaboration: Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner star in thrilling new music video.

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, former flames from the past, have reunited for a special project. Swift brought Lautner on a nostalgic journey in her latest music video for the track “I Can See You,” featured on Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). The video, directed and written by Swift, takes on a thrilling heist-style storyline and stars Joey King and Presley Cash.

The grand reveal of the music video took place during Swift’s Eras Tour show in Kansas City, Missouri, on the same day as the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). Swift invited Lautner, King, and Cash onto the stage, where she spoke fondly of her ex-boyfriend. The two had a brief relationship back in 2009 after meeting on the set of Valentine’s Day. It’s widely believed that Swift’s song “Back to December” was inspired by their breakup.

During the show, Swift expressed her gratitude towards Lautner, describing him as a positive influence during the creation of the Speak Now album. She praised his involvement in the music video, mentioning that he performed all the stunts himself. Swift also mentioned that Lautner and his wife, Taylor Dome, have become close friends of hers.

Lautner reciprocated the kind words, expressing his respect for Swift as an artist and person. He praised her humility, kindness, and talent, and expressed his honor in knowing her.

Following the music video’s release, Swift shared behind-the-scenes photos on social media. In the caption, she revealed that the video’s concept was inspired by how her fans have supported her in reclaiming her music.

Swift’s post celebrated the release of the “I Can See You” video, highlighting the performances of Joey King and Presley Cash, who had previously appeared in the “Mean” video at a young age. Swift also applauded Lautner’s incredible dedication, as he performed all the stunts without a double. She playfully referred to the collaboration as “The Tale of 3 Taylors.”

Fans of both Swift and Lautner were thrilled to see the two Taylors come together again for this special project. The music video not only offered a nostalgic reunion but also showcased the talents of everyone involved. Swift continues to make waves in the music industry, and this collaboration serves as a reminder of her ability to create captivating and memorable moments for her fans.


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