Apple or Google: Who’s Got Your Smartphone Vote?

Are you a trend-setter or a tinkerer?

I remember when I was picking my first smartphone in high school, I just assumed I was going to get an iPhone. I didn’t really know anything about smartphone brands; Apple made iPods, and really, what else was there? This was back before I had a wider view of the electronics market. Despite that, my first smartphone, as well as every one since then, has been an Android. Why? Well, there’s a lot of pluses and minuses on both sides of the fence. Let’s measure up, shall we?

First half, operating system. I prefer Android OS for the same reason I like Windows: it’s open-source and easy to mess with until it’s just the way I like it. iOS, however, is streamlined and attractive, and generally good for someone who doesn’t futz as much with their electronics. Not to mention, when new apps come out, the Apple Store usually gets ’em before Google Play, along with generally faster updates. Though, there is one major point in Android’s corner, and that’s Google Maps. iOS has it, but it’s built for Android first and foremost.

Second half, device integrity. iPhones are very sleek and come in lots of designer colors, but they’re also prohibitively expensive and occasionally lack sturdiness. You could get a low-end used car for the same price as a brand new iPhone. For a fraction of the cost, an Android phone will usually stand up to heavier use and physical punishment. Androids also have better batteries and charge faster, which is good, unless you get a quirky one like my last phone. I’d never seen a battery swell up like that…

It boils down mostly to a form versus fashion thing. iPhones look cool, and you’ll look snazzy carrying one with all the accessories, provided you can afford them all. Androids, on the other hand, are better suited for tech-heads; their menus are a little weird to navigate and they’re less fashionable, but also tend to be a little more reliable in the long haul. If you’re someone like me who keeps his computer files in a completely incomprehensible filing system, you’d probably get more out of an Android than an iPhone.

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