Costco CFO Promises to Maintain Price of Hot Dogs

No matter what, a Costco hot dog and soda will always be a $1.50.

Besides its warehouse stores full of bulk-buy products, Costco retail locations have long been popular for their food court items, including sandwiches and churros. Sadly, due to both widespread inflation and a slightly faltering bottom line, many of the items on Costco’s menus have been forced to raise in price. However, there is one item that, if Costco’s higher-ups have any say in the matter, will absolutely, positively never rise in price.

During Costco’s Q4 earnings call last week, company CFO Richard Galanti pledged that the Kirkland Hot Dog combo, which includes a quarter-pound beef frank on a bun and a 20 oz. soda for just $1.50, will never, ever rise in price, even in the name of raised profits.

“Some businesses that are doing well with margin … those things help us be more aggressive in other areas, or, as you mentioned, hold the price on the hot dog and the soda a little longer — forever,” he said.

The Hot Dog Combo was first introduced in 1985, and has steadfastly remained one of Costco’s most popular food offerings. This commitment is consistent throughout the company; back in July, when asked by CNBC if the price of the Hot Dog Combo would ever rise, CEO Craig Jelinek flat-out said “No.”

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