Delta to Allow Pit Bulls on Airplanes, According to Federal Ruling

Credit: Dave Mosher

Last month, the Department of Transportation denied Delta’s ban of pit bulls on any flights.

It has been more than a year since Delta banned pit bull-type dogs from traveling as service or support animals on their flights. However, the airlines received heavy pushback from the DOT who claimed that airlines are still “permitted to find that any specific animal, regardless of breed, poses a direct threat.”

The DOT further stated that “exclusively on breed of the service animal” would not be allowed under the service animal regulation.

In a press release issued on Monday, Delta Airlines defended their stance on the ban, claiming they noticed “a sharp increase in onboard animal incidents and attacks.”

Delta went on to state that data shows that the breed accounts for “less than five percent of the overall dog population but 37.5 percent of vicious dog attacks.”

However, Delta shared that they have yet to find a solution that satisfies both pit bull owners and airlines safety requirements.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Safety, Security and Compliance John Laughter said that the airlines will “never compromise safety,” and that Delta will continue working with the DOT to come up with solutions that not only supports the rights of customers who need to travel with trained animals, but also satisfies the airlines safety requirements.

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