Denver City Council Votes to End 30-Year Ban on Pit Bulls

Credit: Pexels

For the past 30 years, it has been illegal to own a pit bull in the city of Denver.

However, the Denver City Council passed a new code in a 7-4 vote that will allows pet owners to register their pit bull with the Denver Animal Protection and get a breed-restricted license.

As part of the new code, owners will need to provide a name and address for the dog as well as proof of microchipping, vaccination, neutering or spraying, and two emergency contacts. Additionally, owners will need to pay an annual fee in order to maintain the license.

Other conditions to owning a pit bull include notifying the DAP if the dog escapes, bites someone or dies. Pet owners are also only allowed to own up to two pit bulls per home.

Mayor Michael Hancock just needs to approve the new code and if he does so, the new law will take effect in 90 days.

To accompany the new announcement, the Denver City Council tweeted out a flyer with the “Proposed Breed-Specific Legislation Updates.”

After three years of no code violations, owners of registered pit bulls can remove the requirement for a breed-restricted license. From there, the pit bulls can be registered under the same requirements as other dog breeds with the city.

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