Finn Wolfhard to Co-Direct and Star in Horror Comedy Film

Credit: Unsplash

Wolfhard is teaming up with Billy Bryk for a new project.

Finn Wolfhard is the young actor best known for his starring role as Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things, though he has also had roles in the It reboots and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. He’s made quite a name for himself as an up-and-comer actor, both building a stable of film appearances as well as managing his personal brand online. However, Wolfhard has also earned directorial credits, having directed the short film Night Shifts back in 2020. Soon, he’ll have another director credit on his resume.

Wolfhard announced today that production has begun on Hell of a Summer, a new horror comedy film produced by 30West for which he will be both a star and a co-director. He’ll be joined in this endeavor by Billy Bryk, another young actor and director who also appeared in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, as well as When You Finish Saving the World.

“I am so excited to be co-directing my first feature film. I get the chance to work with an incredible cast and crew, and to work with a company like 30West and Aggregate is a real dream,” Wolfhard said in a statement.

Filming for Hell of a Summer will begin later this month on a set in Ontario, Canada. The cast includes Fred Hechinger, Jason Bateman, Michael Costigan and Jay Van Hoy, with Aggregate Films and Parts and Labor Production set to co-produce along with 30West.

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