Hasbro Making Custom 3D-Printed Action Figures

Credit: Unsplash

Get your face on a classic action figure.

Anyone of a sufficient age remembers the golden age of Hasbro action figures. Properties like GI Joe, Star Wars, and more all had their own detailed, poseable action figures, and every kid on the block wanted all of them. One of the most memorable aspects of these figures were their carefully molded heads and faces which, while not exactly lifelike, had a very distinct style about them. If you were a big fan of those kinds of figures growing up, Hasbro has an intriguing offer for you.

Today, Hasbro announced their new Selfie Series figures. For a $60 buy-in, you can send a photo of yourself to Hasbro, and with some help from 3D printing company Formlabs, they’ll transform it into a bona-fide action figure cast in the image of various classic entertainment icons, including characters from Marvel, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, GI Joe, and Power Rangers.

“The process is simple – fans download the Hasbro Pulse mobile app (16+) available on Android and iOS, log into their Hasbro Selfie Series account, scan their face, customize their character and hairstyle, then sit back and wait for their custom action figure to arrive at their doorstep,” reads Hasbro’s press release.

Orders aren’t open just yet, but you can sign up to be notified when they are, which is slated to be some time this fall. Additionally, attendees of this year’s San Diego Comic Con will get a chance to be the first to have their faces scanned for figures. If you’re concerned about privacy, don’t worry, Hasbro has clarified that your face data is only stored until your figure is done, and is then deleted. It won’t be shared with any advertisers or anything like that.

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