Get Slimed Up at Aventura Mall’s Nickelodeon Pop Up

Credit: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Bring a change of clothes and prepare to get dunked with green goo!

Slime City, a Nickelodeon-themed pop up, has arrived in Miami at Aventura Mall. Guests will get a bucket of green goo dumped over their entire body as a rite of passage at this installation, which will open its doors through Jan. 20.

The 20,000 square foot interactive playground is inspired by classic Nickelodeon’s TV shows like “You Can’t Do That on Television” and “Slime Time Live.” Guests will be handed a paper with a Nickelodeon scavenger hunt. Throughout the installation, staffers will help kids and adults alike find hidden figures, like SpongeBob, and which will then have to be matched to a letter to solve a mystery.

Eight rooms in total are included across the playground. Guests will be able to scribble with neon markers in a graffiti zone, toss around clear beach balls in the Bubble-Torium, make shapes with their bodies on a wall of plastic pins and jump around on a giant slime-shaped cushion. But the main attraction comes last, where guests will put on a poncho and get covered from head to toe in a green, icky mess.

Prices are $30, weekdays and $35 Saturday-Sunday and holidays.

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