Miami Cookie Shop to Begin Late Night Cookie Deliveries

Craving a late-night snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth?

If you are a Miami local, then you will have most likely heard of Night Owl Cookie, the famous cookie shop that made headlines for its late-night deliver service of, yes, you guessed it, freshly baked cookies. Unique to other cookie shops and bakeries, Night Owl garnered a massive fan base and became a hit among late night munchers. But in comes another cookie shop that is about to serve up some serious sweet competition.

Insomnia Cookies, a chain of bakeries in the United States that specializes in delivering warm, soft baked cookies, has announced that it will be rolling out an updated delivery time range.

With locations in Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami Beach and Tallahassee, customers will be able to get freshly-baked cookies nearly 24 hours a day. Insomnia Cookies will deliver cookies right to your front door until 3 a.m., so whether you’re ordering for a party, sending a gift, or just need a snack break from studying, Insomnia Cookie is the latest go-to spot in Florida to satisfy that sweet craving.

Insomnia Cookies was born out of Philadelphia by Seth Berkowitz in 2003. As a student attending the University of Pennsylvania, Berkowitz began baking and delivering cookies to dorm rooms and students on campus late at night. From there, his business grew, culminating in his first retail location opening in New York in 2004.

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