Happy National Coffee Day!

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Give thanks for the stuff that keeps the entire world awake.

I’m not much of a coffee drinker, admittedly, but I’d have to be blind not to see how important the stuff is to modern living. Yeah, we’ve all heard the jokes about how ubiquitous Starbucks is, but honestly, they wouldn’t be everywhere if everyone wasn’t constantly buying coffee. Also, Starbucks’ matcha Frappuccino is awesome, you should try it. But today’s not the day for matcha, it’s the day for coffee. Yessir, it’s National Coffee Day, and the lion’s share of national coffee chains are offering mostly-free drinks all day. I say “mostly free” because almost all of them require an accompanying purchase, but hey, mostly free is better than full price, right?

Starting with the obvious, Starbucks is offering free drink coupons for its Rewards members. Anyone who orders a grande or larger drink ahead and pays with the Starbucks app will have a coupon added to their account for future use. This coupon is good for anyone one free drink.

Dunkin’ Donuts- er, sorry, just Dunkin’. Dunkin’ is offering a free medium coffee, hot or iced, with any purchase all day. In a bit of a cheeky move, they’re calling their personal celebration “National Dunkin’ Day” rather than National Coffee Day. Come on guys, the day’s for everyone.

If you’re one of those lucky few who live near a Krispy Kreme, you can stop in today to request a free coffee, no strings attached. If you happen to be a member of Krispy Kreme’s Sweet Rewards program, you can also claim a free doughnut to go with your free coffee.

If you’re interested in a long-term investment in coffee consumption, you may be interested to know that Walmart is holding a one-day sale on Keurig Coffee brewing systems, as well as a variety of coffee pod packs.

So go out and get yourself a big cup of coffee and enjoy the rest of your day. Just don’t go and get all of them at once, or you’ll get enough caffeine in you to see beyond the veil of time and space.

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