How to End a Night With Class and Tact

Stances on casual relations aside, we all have certain ways we’d like to be treated by others after the whirlwind of physicality has subsided for the evening. Assuming your partner is someone you met for the express purpose of a casual fling, there’s a certain etiquette that should be observed before sending them on their way for the night.

It’s important to remember that your partner might not have the same expectations as you when it comes to the… aftermath, let’s call it. Are they expecting to stay the night? Do they want some physical comfort? Are they planning to eat breakfast with you tomorrow morning? If you’re down with all that, then hey, go you, but more than likely, you’re ready for social time to end and private time to start.

The most crucial tool in this process is communication. Don’t just assume you and your partner are on the same page (because you probably aren’t). Politely and calmly explain your expectations for what comes next. Give them a kind word, maybe a snack for the road, and send them on their way. They might be a little disappointed if their expectations were radically different from yours, but most folks will respect your decision and leave you be for the night. Try not to lie or promise something you don’t intend to fulfill, because there’s a chance it might become an even more awkward situation later on.

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