Impossible Foods Launches Plant-Based Chicken Nuggets

Credit: Unsplash

No dinosaur shapes, if you were wondering.

People love chicken nuggets. Heck, I love chicken nuggets. Statistics show that in the last decade, people have been way more into chicken than beef, which has prompted most of the country’s top poultry producers to go into overdrive to keep up with the demand. That’s only been compounded by the success of crispy chicken sandwiches from chains like Popeyes’. That said, if there’s anything we can do to cut down on the consumption of animal products, it’s an effort worth undertaking, especially if the taste can be maintained.

Impossible Foods, known primarily as “the plant-based company that isn’t Beyond Meat,” have officially launched their very own 100% plant-based chicken nuggets, made from a variety of natural proteins and nutrients. “We use soy protein as our base to give the nuggets the right bite and to provide high quality protein that is important for our diet,” explains President of Impossible Foods Dennis Woodside. “After that, we use sunflower oil to create the fatty and juicy mouthfeel, simple nutrients such as amino acids and sugars that react during cooking to create our savory chicken flavor, and vitamins for nutrition. We also use common culinary ingredients such as starch and methylcellulose to hold the product together and retain moisture, which have the added benefit of more fiber compared to animal meat.”

The nuggets are already available in select restaurants around the United States, and the company is planning on getting a frozen version out to supermarkets by the end of September. Impossible was hoping to get these planet nuggets on the shelves earlier, but their process was stalled out a bit by the use of yeast additive heme in the nuggets’ composition. Heme is fine to use in the US, but it’s not allowed in China or the EU, so they had to take some extra time to work it out of the recipe.

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