Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Trapped in a “Near Catastrophic” Car Chase with Paparazzi

Car chase
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Narrow Escape: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Chaotic Car Chase with Paparazzi Reveals the Dangers of Intrusive Media Pursuit

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the Duke, and Duchess of Sussex, found themselves in a heart-stopping car chase with paparazzi on a fateful night in New York City. The incident, described by their spokesperson as “near catastrophic,” unfolded after the couple left the Women of Vision Awards at the prestigious Ziegfeld Ballroom. Pursued by relentless photographers, the Sussexes and Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, were left shaken but thankfully unharmed.

The couple’s security detail reported that “numerous” photographers made their transportation challenging, but fortunately, no collisions, injuries, or arrests were reported by the police. However, according to the Duke and Duchess’ spokesperson, the encounter with the paparazzi was a prolonged and perilous ordeal. Lasting over two hours, the relentless pursuit resulted in multiple near collisions, endangering the royal couple, other drivers, pedestrians, and even two NYPD officers.

Security personnel involved in protecting the couple recounted the chaotic nature of the incident. In a fleet of vehicles ranging from cars to scooters, mopeds, and electric bikes, the paparazzi forced the Sussexes to switch cars during the chase. Thomas Buda, who oversees a private security business contracted to assist the couple, revealed that the chase began the moment Harry and Meghan departed from the Ziegfeld Ballroom, lasting a daunting 90 minutes.

The paparazzi’s relentless pursuit disregarded traffic rules, running red lights and driving into oncoming traffic on busy Manhattan streets. Chris Sanchez, a security team member, expressed alarm, stating that he had never encountered anything of this magnitude before. The safety of the public was jeopardized several times throughout the chase, leaving the couple in a state of fear and relief upon their return to the safety of their apartment. Sanchez emphasized the gravity of the situation, acknowledging that it could have been fatal.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) confirmed the essence of the couple’s account, although in more measured language. Deputy Commissioner Julian Phillips acknowledged the NYPD’s assistance to the private security team and the challenges posed by numerous photographers.

According to the couple’s team, the incident involved several unidentified individuals driving recklessly in half a dozen blacked-out vehicles, posing a significant threat to the convoy and everyone in its vicinity. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex managed to navigate this treacherous ordeal unscathed, but the alarming encounter serves as a stark reminder of the perils that can accompany their public roles.


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