Microsoft Giving Away Xbox Refrigerator

Credit: Unsplash

The console heats your home, the fridge cools it.

When the design for the Xbox Series X was first revealed, many onlookers couldn’t help but notice a particular similarity between the console and a post-modern refrigerator. It’s hard to ignore, with its monolithic stature, sheer black surface, and handle-looking disc drive. With the Series X launching in just a couple of weeks, Microsoft decided to utilize the joke for a bit of free advertising.

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled the official Xbox Series X refrigerator. This ain’t just a prop; it’s 1:1 scale model replica of the console standing at 6 feet tall and weighing an appropriately fridge-like 400 pounds. The front of the appliance features a bright Xbox logo, and when you pull the disc drive handle, the fridge plays the Xbox startup sound and illuminates your food in a green glow. Microsoft sent one of these behemoths to rapper Snoop Dog for a PR stunt. When he opened it in a video on his Instagram, he discovered both a free Series X console, and a Series X-shaped cake for his enjoyment.

If this fridge sounds cool to you, then good news, you can own it. Alongside showing off the fridge, Microsoft announced a contest on the Xbox Twitter to send a fridge to one lucky user. All you need to do to enter is follow the Xbox Twitter and retweet the contest post alongside the hashtag #XSXFridgeSweep. The contest will run until next Wednesday, November 4, after which the winner will be notified within seven days.

Aaron Greenberg, general manager for Xbox marketing, is also currently probing public opinion for a Series X mini-fridge for public sale on his personal Twitter. For those of us who would rather have a game console than a refrigerator, the actual Xbox Series X will be launching on November 10 for $499, alongside its younger sibling the Series S for $299.

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