The McRib Returns on a National Scale

Credit: Unsplash

You won’t need a GPS locator to find it this time.

The McRib is truly one of the most mysterious staples of post-modern pop culture. What started in the 80s as a simple attempt on McDonald’s’ part to branch out from beef and chicken has become a national phenomenon complete with a dedicated following, associated merchandise, and even surprisingly comprehensive tracking tools. People are really into the McRib, though at this point I wonder if it’s more for the sandwich itself or just the thrill of hunting it. Regardless, in these tumultuous times, Mickey D’s has decided to give the McRib fans a little present to spread some early Christmas joy.

On their Twitter, McDonald’s announced today that the McRib will be returning once again starting on December 2. The last McRib return was around this time last year, but as usual, it was only in select stores with higher foot traffic. This year, though, things are different. For the first time in the history of the McRib, the sandwich will be coming to McDonald’s locations nationwide.

“The McRib has been a beloved menu item at McDonald’s since its inception nearly 40 years ago,” Linda VanGosen, McDonald’s vice president of menu innovation, said in a statement. “There’s nothing quite like the taste of the McRib. To our customers, it’s become more than a delicious, saucy moment… it’s a season, and it’s taking the internet by storm. That’s why this year, we’re proud to serve the McRib nationwide for everyone to enjoy.”

McRib fans are already celebrating preemptively for this rare event. “In a year as challenging as this year has been, to throw a little McRib out there to those that really want to have it, it feels like something that would be a pretty nice gesture,” said Alan Klein, the creator of the infamous McRib Locator.

Fans are hoping that this event, if successful, will prompt McDonald’s to add the McRib to the permanent menu, but for now, it’s something to look forward to.

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