Mountain Dew is Selling a Body Wash that Smells Like Soda

Credit: BestProducts

Have you ever wanted to come out of the shower smelling like a crisp soda?

Well, get ready to have that weirdly specific wish granted. Mountain Dew recently revealed that it has a new Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast.

The idea all started as a joke. Two years ago, a Reddit user named Woopdeedo uploaded a photoshopped image of Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast and Doritos Nacho Cheese Moisturizing Face Wash. While the latter does not (yet) exist, PepsiCo actually took notice of the soda fan’s creation and rolled with it.

While the new creation sounds like an amazing stocking stuffer or hilarious gift, the sad news is that the Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast won’t be hitting retailer shelves. Unfortunately, only 250 bottles were created and shared with friends of the brand.

The good news though is if one Reddit user was able to capture the attention of PepsiCo and turn a simple joke creation into a reality, then imagine what the voices of many on the internet can do. There is the possibility that, with enough interest and enthusiasm, that Mountain Dew could make the Mountain Dew Body Wash Blast a real product for the public to buy.

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