Who’s Your Holiday Spirit?

Credit: Everyday Health

‘Tis the season and all that.

Holidays are definitely more fun for kids than adults. There’s a few obvious contributing factors to that, like no school, gifts, and snow, but I think one we forget about a lot is the stories. Holidays provide a plethora of stories that we use to entertain and pass good morals onto our kids. They’re some of the most enduring stories in modern history; every holiday TV special you’ve ever seen is probably rooted in at least one of them. Heck, some of them originated from TV and movies.

So how about we bring a little holiday cheer up in here and consider our favorite holiday characters? Answer a few questions, and we’ll tell you who’s making your season jolliest.

  • What’s the Best Part of the Holidays?

    • Giving gifts
    • Having fun
    • Helping others
    • Winter weather
    • Throwing parties
  • What’s Your Favorite Holiday Snack?

    • Candy
    • Winter vegetables
    • Fresh snow
    • Hot chocolate
    • Cookies and milk
  • Who Are You Happiest to See on the Holidays?

    • Co-workers
    • Family
    • Everyone
    • New acquaintances
    • Friends
  • Which Present Sounds Best?

    • A comfy coat
    • A train set
    • A nice hat
    • Shoes
    • A pay raise
  • What’s Your Favorite Part of Winter?

    • Building snowmen
    • Relaxing by the fireplace
    • All of it
    • Ice skating
    • Snowfall

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