Family Guy Trivia – How Well Do You Know the Characters?

Credit: Unsplash

Test your knowledge of the Griffin family’s hilarious escapades and the eccentric world of Quahog. Get ready to laugh and challenge yourself as you explore iconic moments, characters, and catchphrases from this beloved animated sitcom.

  • What is Peter Griffin’s Favorite Song?

    • The Word
    • Surfin Bird
  • Where was Peter Griffin born?

    • Mexico
    • Ireland
  • What is the name of Meg’s Highschool “Mean Girl”?

    • Patty
    • Connie
  • What is Quagmire’s Age?

    • 54
    • 61
  • What Street Does the Griffin Familly Live on?

    • Spooner Street
    • Front Street
  • What Was Brian’s Real Mother’s Name?

    • Biscuit
    • Bubble
  • Which Giant Animal is Peter’s Enemy?

    • Cow
    • Chicken
  • What is Stewie’s Middle Name?

    • Gillian
    • Gilligan
  • What Did Peter Change Meg’s Name to on her Birth Certificate?

    • Megatron
    • Megaladon
  • What is the Name of Stewie’s Teddy Bear?

    • Robert
    • Rupert

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