Move Over Pink Drink

Nothing beats the warm weather of summer like matching the sun’s bright golden hue.

Almost everyone lives off Starbucks because they have a drink for anyone: tea, cold brew coffees, Frappucinos, and even teas mixed with lemonade. But if you are craving something extra yummy while lounging on the beach somewhere, then this Secret Menu drink was made just for you.

Similar in fashion to the famous Starbucks Pink Drink, the Yellow Drink, concocted by Totally the Bomb, is a bright yellow drink that features green tea lemonade, coconut milk, and agave. It looks just like an iced version of a pina colada. Totally the Bomb also provided the recipe to the “skinny” version of the drink, which is only 80 calories.

But the bright sunny Yellow Drink isn’t the only menu item that is cooling down the hot summer days. Starbucks’ summer menu has added a Cold Brew with Cinnamon Almond milk Foam and Cold Brew with Dark Cocoa Almond milk Foam, both of which are dairy free.

Starbucks has also added the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich to its menu, which features a plant-based sausage patty that comes with egg and cheddar cheese between an artisanal ciabatta bun.

Starbucks locations are still in operation under new health and safety guidelines, so if you can, be sure to try out that Secret Menu drink or any of the coffee shop’s other yummy menu items.

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