Music Soothes a Troubled World

All barriers can be transcended with a good jam.

You ever have one of those people you didn’t really like growing up? Not, like, anyone overtly antagonistic toward you, just someone you don’t really get along with for one reason or another? I think everyone has had at least one relationship like that, I know I did. But you know what turned those relationships on their head? Music. No, really. I had a guy I didn’t really get along with, but when I found out we both liked the same sort of music, we suddenly became a lot friendlier. Music is interesting like that; two people with completely different mindsets can find common ground in music. It is truly the universal language. Why do you think scientists are always trying to communicate with aliens using keyboards? Well, okay, I guess that’s only in movies, but it still counts.

One dude who understands the uniting power of music is singing sensation Jeffrey Iqbal. His career is already pretty extraordinary, being a USA-born Bollywood singer, but he doesn’t just bridge that single gap, no sir. As a part of his personal hashtag campaign, #UnityThruMusic, Iqbal assembled a team of 13 different singers from 4 different countries, all to unite in song.

Theoretically, only the most similar people in the world should be able to produce vocal harmony, but when you hear these 13 all-stars sing, you’d almost mistake them for a family. In unison, their pipes produce the kind of sound dreams are made of. And I don’t know about you, but I say musical unity is a dream worth dreaming.

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