Nothing Soothes the Soul Like Some Jeffrey Iqbal

It’s like the music equivalent of a crisp spring morning.

You know what one of my favorite pastimes is when the weather is nice? I like to go out on the balcony, kick off my shoes and socks, lean back in a lawn chair, and turn up some soothing tunes (with headphones, of course, so I don’t disturb my neighbors). I believe this is a practice the young folk call “vibing.” Of course, there are some musical genres made for vibing, and some that are not. I don’t think one could vibe to like, death metal or something. Not that I dislike a bit of the heavy stuff here and there, it’s just more “headbang and air-drum” music than “sit back and relax.” The best vibing music is something lo-fi, little bit of techno, whole lot of heart. Let the music be passionate so you don’t have to be.

Credit: Jeffrey Iqbal

If you want some really smooth vibing music, you should check out the works of Jeffrey Iqbal. This dude has got the combined chops of western pop and eastern Bollywood. When you combine the soulful singing of Bollywood with the up-tempo beats of modern pop, you get some primo vibing material. Heck, if you check out his hybrid cover of “Girls like you” by Maroon 5 and “Tere Bina” by AR Rahman, he’s performing pretty much they way I described; on a deck, nice day, bare feet. If that’s not a sign of perfect vibing music, I am hard-pressed to think of an alternative.

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