Netflix Adding Blockbuster Documentary Next Week

Credit: Unsplash

A Blockbuster documentary on Netflix; it’s almost poetic.

Even before the pandemic trapped us all inside, video stores like Blockbuster were already a memory of a bygone age. Streaming services like Netflix have rather decisively supplanted the entire video rental industry, to the point that most rental stores both family and chain-owned have gone out of business. However, there is a single Blockbuster video location still open in the town of Bend, Oregon, and it has its own distinct story to tell.

Next week, on Monday, March 15, Netflix will be getting a new addition to its catalog in the form of The Last Blockbuster, a documentary detailing the downfall of Blockbuster and how the Bend location managed to survive the video store apocalypse. In addition to those familiar with the subject matter, the documentary also features cameos from entertainment industry alumni like Kevin Smith, Ron Funches, and James Arnold Taylor as they talk about their own experiences and memories of the nostalgic chain. This documentary actually came out last year, and is available for rental on multiple services including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and Fandango, but coming to the king of streaming will undoubtedly net the production some more visibility.

“A lot of people know that Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix early on and they passed on the opportunity. In an ironic twist of fate, our movie The Last Blockbuster is coming to Netflix one week from today,” the film’s official Facebook page wrote on Monday. “We are beyond excited for people to get to see this tribute to era of home video on the world’s largest streaming service. Just don’t forget to rewind it when you’re done watching it and bring it back by noon on Wednesday.”

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