Netflix’s ‘Murder Mystery’ Is Most-Watched Original Movie


New Adam Sandler Netflix original is successful

Who would have thought that Netflix’s original movie “Murder Mystery” would be the most watched film on the streaming service?

“Murder Mystery,” the latest Adam Sandler film to debut on Netflix, broke viewing records on the streaming service, according to Netflix, who released the information Tuesday. The film, which is co-headlined by Jennifer Aniston, has already been seen by close to 30.9 million accounts in its first 3 days, according to a tweet on Tuesday afternoon. To break it down, the movie has been seen by 13,374,914 accounts in the US and Canada and 17,494,949 more worldwide.

“Murder Mystery” is part of a special contract in which Netflix signed a four-movie deal with Sandler in 2015, and doubled down with a deal for another 4 movies in 2017.

Another movie that made the company’s list for most recent earnings call was the Ben Affleck-starring movie “Triple Frontier,” ahead been watched by over 52 million-member households in its first four weeks on the service. The company’s Fyre Festival doc had been viewed by more than 20 million households in its first month, and “The Umbrella Academy” attracted 45 million member households in the first four weeks.

Needless to say, Netflix has been on a roll with its original content.

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