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Another day, another dollar. Say, remember when a dollar would get you like, an entire sandwich plus a drink? I mean, I don’t, obviously, because I’m in my 20s, but peoples’ grandparents are always like “back in my dad, twenty bucks could buy you the greatest night of your life!” Man, financial inflation stinks. But enough about cheap lunches, what’s going on today?

Infamous rap artist R. Kelly, who not too long ago was charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse, child pornography possession, and several other deeply unpleasant things, has had his trial delayed. Originally, the trial was supposed to be held on April 27, but after prosecutors got a hold of several hundred electronic devices that may contain information pertinent to the case, they requested a delay for an investigation. The trial is now scheduled for October 13.

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Kelly, who is currently imprisoned without bond in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, has repeatedly pleaded not guilty to all charges against him. According to his attorney, Mike Leonard, Kelly is currently in good spirits regarding the case, though apparently when he heard it was being delayed, he was “disappointed.

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