Nintendo Orders ROM Site Owner to Destroy Pirated Games

Credit: Unsplash

The owner of RomUniverse has been hit with a permanent injunction.

While Nintendo has made something of an effort to maintain access to games from their older consoles, many games, including both major blockbusters and cult classics, remain out of reach. The only legal way for many players to obtain physical copies of these games is to pay mildly obscene prices on sites like eBay. It’s for this reason that emulation, the act of running a game’s ROM file on a computer program, has become common practice. However, as anyone who has hung around gaming circles long enough can tell you, Nintendo really hates emulation, and isn’t afraid to take off the kid gloves to destroy it.

One unfortunate soul that was on the receiving end of Nintendo’s wrath was Matthew Storman, owner and operator of ROM file circulation site RomUniverse. Back in May, Nintendo sued Storman’s pants off on the grounds of copyright infringement and trademark infringement. Nintendo won this case, and Storman was ordered to pay $2.1 million in damages in the form of recurring monthly installments. Nintendo sought a permanent injunction that would keep the site offline forever, but since Storman already took it down, it was deemed unnecessary.

Last month, however, Nintendo filed again for this injunction, saying that not only had Storman hinted that the site would return, but he had also failed to make his first damages payment. Nintendo won the injunction last week, slapping Storman with an even more severe punishment. In addition to his damage payments, Storman is now forbidden from copying, distributing, or even playing any unauthorized copies of Nintendo games. Additionally, if he doesn’t completely destroy his supply of ROMs by August 17, and provide proof that he’s done so by August 20, he’ll face a perjury penalty.

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