‘Resident Evil Village’ Launching in May

Credit: Unsplash

With all the tall vampire ladies you could want.

I remember watching the PlayStation 5 reveal stream back in June and seeing a mysterious trailer for a horror game set in a snowy village. I genuinely wish I could relive that “WHOA” moment when the VILLAGE splash screen lit up, highlighting the VIII and revealing itself as the next Resident Evil game. While it hasn’t been that long since then, apparently, the lads at Capcom have been hard at work, because in the Resident Evil showcase stream last night, they finally revealed the game’s release date, and it’s quite soon.

The eighth main entry in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil Village, will be releasing on May 7, 2021. It’ll be available for PC via Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5, as expected, though the devs also announced that they’ll be bringing it to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well, for those who haven’t been able to shoot down an Amazon drone with a PS5 yet. Anyone who buys the current gen versions will also receive a free digital upgrade to the XSX or PS5 versions as well. Pre-orders are already open with a slew of little bonuses, and there’s also a season pass, implying there’ll be some substantial DLC later down the line.

In addition to the main game, anyone who buys Resident Evil Village will also receive a free copy of RE: VERSE, a multiplayer side game kind of like Resident Evil: Resistance, which came with the Resident Evil 3 remake. Though, instead of an asymmetrical tower defense-type game, RE: VERSE is a hero-based team shooter where you can play as lots of different series mainstays like Chris, Jill, Nemesis, Jack Baker, and more. Bit of an odd choice for a horror game, but hey, it’s free.

In one last bonus specifically for those who pre-order the PS5 version of the game, you can play a 15-minute demo called “Maiden” right now. There’s no combat in this demo, it’s just a chance to get a feel for the game’s environment and some basic puzzles. Oh, and a chance to get murdered by the tall vampire lady, whose name, incidentally, is Lady Dimitrescu. Apparently, a lot of people are into that notion.

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