Sarah Hyland Isn’t Afraid To Clap Back At Haters

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Sarah Hyland takes no crap from social media trolls

The internet ruins everything nice. One of the highlights and downfalls of social media is that everyone has the ability to view and judge everything that you post. And these days, it seems that everyone has an opinion about something. But Sarah Hyland isn’t letting the haters get to her or ruin the best day of her life.

Sarah Hyland has been having quite the year. With the smashing success of her role on the hit show “Modern Family,” to the launch of her solo singing career, Sarah Hyland is easily on cloud nine. But the one thing that tops all of that is her newfound engagement to fiancé Wells Adams.

Following an amazing performance of her new hit song, “Met At A Party” at the Teen Choice Awards. The post on Instagram shows a beautifully happy Sarah Hyland hugging and kissing her now fiancé with a caption “when your maid of honor takes the cutest video of you and your phenomenal fiancé right after your first live televised performance ever.”

Shortly after you can see comments of haters downplaying their relationship and their show of affection. But, in true Sarah Hyland fashion, nothing is going to bring her down.

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