Photoshop Fail or Extra Toe: What Happened to Kim Kardashian’s Foot?

(Photo Source: Instagram)

The latest KKW photoshop fail

Celebrities and Photoshop have been synonymous since the creation of the program back in 1990. The clip here, snip there — you never can tell if a photo is real or if it has been edited. That is, of course, except when you all of a sudden have six toes.

For decades now, fans have been accusing celebrities of “fixing” their pictures or skewing reality. And I’m not talking about adjusting the exposure of a photo or adjusting the contrast.

I am talking about the altering of the photo, more specifically the body of the person in the photo, to make it more appealing or to remove the imperfections. Many celebrities have gotten away with it, while others fall victim to mistakes or accidents in the edits.

Bent door frames, background altering, and on occasion, unnatural body shapes or missing limbs altogether. In Kim Kardashian’s case, it was the addition of an extra toe.

In a recent Instagram post for their new fragrance line, KKW Fragrance. Kylie and Kim, looking stunning as always, can be seen strutting in a sea-foam green and purple bodysuit.

But if you look closely at the picture, it appears that Kim’s left foot has six toes. Now I’m not saying that it’s Photoshop, but there is something definitely up with the picture.

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