Camila Cabello Isn’t Here For Body-Shamers

(Photo Credit: Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Music artist speaks up for herself against haters

Camila Cabello seems to be one of the biggest names in the spotlight right now, partly due to her booming career, partly due to her friendship with megastar Taylor Swift, and partly due to the new relationship that seems to be blossoming between her and fellow singer Shawn Mendes, who she recently recorded a duet, “Seniorita,” with.

As Camila rises into the spotlight and continues to gain more and more fans, she sadly also adds more haters to the list, as any celebrity would. Trolls make it a known effort to attack celebrities (among others) for no truly obvious reason other than envy, and this time, they were attacking Camila’s body.

When she went to respond to the negative comments, she stated that her eyes accidentally ran across a headline that was body-shaming her. But her thoughts on the subject, which she proudly clapped back at those pouring negative energy into her life?

That her body is hers and her body REAL, and real — not faux perfection — is just as beautiful and should be the goal for young girls.

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