Sarah Jessica Parker: 73 Things You Need To Know

She’s just all over the place.

You know how I know Sarah Jessica Parker has had a really diverse filmography? Because the first time I ever saw her was in Hocus Pocus when I was a kid, and when I saw her again years later while my mom was watching Sex and the City, I didn’t realize it was her both times. They say a good actor can completely become the character they portray. Either that or they had a lot of makeup on her for Hocus Pocus, which is probably the more sensible answer now that I think about it.

Credit: Vogue

I think Sarah Jessica Parker is sort of like Tim Curry, in that she’s appeared frequently in the background of my life without me explicitly noticing her. That’s not a dig or anything, I’m just saying she’s one of those actors that just sort of pops up all over the place. I didn’t even know she was married to Matthew Broderick until just recently, for example. Same for her relationship with Robert Downey Jr. Both of those guys have played a role in my media-viewing habits at some point, and she’s connected to them. It’s like six degrees of Kevin Bacon, except with Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Sarah currently lives in a lovely little home in New York City, and has lived in that particular spot for about 13 years. Despite being such a prolific actress, her home is surprisingly comfy. There’s books everywhere, she has cool light-up globes on the shelf; she kind of has similar tastes to my mom and aunt, which is fitting, since they’re both from New York as well. She may not be in the game so much anymore, but I have a feeling she’ll pop up a few more times in my life. If not in the shows I watch, then in connection to the people who are.

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