Screaming Will Not Be Permitted on California Theme Park Rides

Credit: Unsplash

Just try to think really loudly instead.

The first time I ever rode a thrill ride at a theme park, a friend told me that I should scream instead of holding my breath, as it would make it less scary. I don’t really know why, but it definitely worked. Of course, these days, I’m not going to theme parks much for the obvious reason, but for those who are itching to get on a roller coaster, specifically in southern California, they may need to make some sacrifices.

The California Attractions and Parks Association, the group that represents all of the state’s theme parks in their various dealings, has penned a new plan to aid in earlier reopening of parks. Various Californian theme parks are hoping to reopen their doors by April, but in order to do so, they’ll need to adapt numerous anti-COVID safety procedures. The highlight of the COPA’s new plan is to keep mouths closed to prevent the spread of the virus. In other words, no screaming allowed.

“Face covering usage and/or modifications to seat loading patterns will be required on amusement park rides to mitigate the effects of shouting,” CAPA’s proposal reads. “Additionally, on rides, guests generally face in one direction.”

If put into action, this plan would apply to numerous prominent parks around California, including Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags and Knott’s Berry Farm. Los Angeles and Orange County are currently on track to reopen their theme parks on April 1, albeit at only 15% capacity and only to California residents. Visitor grouping will also be limited, tickets will only be available to purchase online, and there will be no indoor dining options. If you’re looking to celebrate surviving 2020 with a visit to Disneyland, you might want to wait until you can open your mouth all the way on the premises.

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