What Kind of Dog Are You?

Credit: Harlow and Sage via Facebook

Ah, dogs. You either love them or you’re a bad person, and I do not wish to know you. With their gentle faces and myriad of fluffy bodies, there’s a Good Boy (or Girl) out there for everyone.

It’d take a scantron card to make a quiz about every breed of dog on Earth, so for now, just try our light quiz and see which of a few dogs is closest to your heart.

  • What’s The Best Kind Of Friend?

    • Someone laid-back
    • Someone friendly and affectionate
    • Someone courageous and active
    • A minion to do your bidding
    • Literally no one
  • What’s The Best Way To Spend A Day?

    • An energetic romp through a snowfield
    • A jolly outing in a sunny park
    • Quiet time in a shady backyard
    • Pampering on your favorite couch
    • Napping in a corner somewhere
  • What’s The Best Season?

    • Summer
    • Spring
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • None of them
  • What’s Your Favorite Kind Of Music?

    • Rock Power Ballads
    • Upbeat Pop
    • Low-Fi Hip-Hop
    • Death Metal
    • The sound of a can opener
  • Are You A Cat?

    • No
    • No
    • No
    • No
    • Yes

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