The Bedroom Of A Ballet Dancer

Welcome to the home of premiere ballet dancer Misty Copeland

Ballet superstar Misty Copeland gives an exclusive tour of her elegant New York Apartment. Copeland explains that this apartment is the first home she’s co-owned with her husband since getting married for an apartment reflecting the couple’s interests equally.

Copeland explains that they mutually agreed on accenting the home with a neutral base with tones in black, brown, and white. She goes onto explain that using neutral color tones helps to create an open canvas for accenting furniture and home decor with pops of color that brings life to space.

Copeland has several pieces of art featuring artists of color including works by Nathaniel Mary Quinn. Copeland also likes to feature black and white photography featured through the home that inspired them to feature more colored artists.

For the dining room, Copeland wanted to keep it elegant with a chandelier with all-white dining chairs and accent pieces. She also has a mirrored wall that features a textured finish to create the effect of having more open space.

Though there is no separating wall between the dining room and living room so each space has it’s own defining characteristics to separate them. Copeland’s husband designed a bar that is a combination of modern and classic design featuring glass shelves with a white marble backsplash.

Copeland’s kitchen features a unique use of additional space as a small wine cellar featuring a wine fridge and additional storage for more wine bottles. The kitchen matches the dining room with an all-white color story along with gold accents for a touch of elegance.

The bedroom of a ballet dancer is much like the studio, an open space utilizing natural lighting. Copeland says that she designed her bedroom as a relaxation station from all her time dancing in the studio.

The bedroom decor features the main color white with subtle hints of grey to match the neutral color theme through the apartment. For more of this ballerina’s bedroom and New York City apartment, check out the video above.

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