This High Schooler Got the Cutest “Mini Prom” Date

A little gentleman wanted to do something nice for his favorite babysitter.

Rachel Chapman, 17, found out that Sanderson High School’s prom was canceled, and like many seniors across the country, she was crushed. But Curtis Rogers, a 7-year-old whom she has been babysitting for over a year, had the great idea to surprise the graduating North Carolina high school senior with a very special prom.

Rogers, a soon-to-be second grader, planned the promposal, which said, “Mini prom is not today, but will you join me on Monday?”

Credit: Elissa Rogers/Becky Chapman

Two days after Rogers popped the special question, Chapman, who dressed up in a gown, met at Rogers house and was greeted with a lovely surprise. Rogers wore a bow tie and led Chapman to a decorated dinner table complete with a three-course meal that included Chick-fil-A and smoothies.  He even staged the mini prom celebration to play some of their favorite songs. The two even practiced social distancing using a pool noodle to remain six feet apart.

“I decided that we should just do this now because the coronavirus has people down in the dumps,” Rogers told local news.

Chapman described the evening as “really sweet” and “thoughtful,” especially with the way Rogers remembered her favorite drink and condiments from Chick-fil-A.

This was definitely the sweetest and cutest prom!

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